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 dm anglais urgent!!!

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MessageSujet: dm anglais urgent!!!   Dim 3 Nov - 16:46

Bonsoir, pourriez vous me courrigez mon dm d'anglais svp. Les questions sont par rapport à un texte. Merci d'avance.
1) Why is it essentiel to keep culture alive?
It's essentiel to keep culture alive because we can identified through our culture it's unique. It's importate to conserve our root. You should not let her dissapear beacause the culture allows to have different personnes. This personnes not have to be similar they have to got different opignion.
2) Where does the scene take place?
The scene take place in the Alice Springs area in Mrs Lancey's Desert Bookstore.
3)Who are the different characters, say what their role in the text is
Mrs Lancey's is a bookseller.
Bruce, he is a narrator of this story.
Stan, he is a artist who sell his painting
A couple of American tourist, they buy Stan's painting.
A woman want to buy Stan's painting.
A man want to know a significance of this painting.
4)Describe the American woman's reaction when seeing the painting. What about their husband?
When the women see the painting she like it : she said"Ithink it's beautiful" She is filled by tjis painting. However her husband calm her, tjey have to ask if this painting is for sale, how much what it mean. He seem patient and serious.
The couple want to buy this painting beacause I think they want to keep a souvenir of their trip.
5) Why did Stan walk into the shop? How does he choose a price for the painting? describe his attitude.
Stan is walking into the shop beacause he is thinking a price to buy his painting.
I think He choice a price at random. He want to buy his painting the most expensive possible.
For one thing Stan seems pensive and for another thing he seems hesitating, and is not sure that the couple accepts his price that is why he lowered his head.
6) What is the emblem of Stan's clan? Whay is it a symbol?
The emblem of Stan's clan is Honey-ants. It's a symbol beacause "is one of the totems of Popanji"
7)What different shapes are there in the painting?
Their are circles, tubes, and tracks.
Cool What are the main colours and what do they correspond to?
The main colours are the blue whi is the Eternel Home of the Honey-ans Ancestors at Tatata. The flame-red represent the entrence of Honey-ants to their nest.
9) What are the Dreaming tracks for Aborigines ? What is special about them? How do Aborigines worship these tracks?
The Dreaming tracks is the creation of the world by Abotigines Ancestors, they create the life; The Dreaming tracks it's a spirit who protect the aboriginal culture. They worship these tracks by singing.
10) Do the Americans really gasp the meaning of the painting?
TI think the Americans gasp the meaning because the man appear very interested and absorbed by the explication of Stan and Mrs Lancey's 
11) Comment on Mrs Lancey's phrase "The song and the lang are one"
I think if there are not song the world can't existed. The Ancestors can't create the life. The world lived thanks to the song and conversly.
12) How can tourism help indigenous people keep their culture alive? (30word)
First tourist have do got a god behavior whan they trip in foreign contry they not to defail, spoilt their environment.
They have to care of wild life, the heritage.
They have to do advertisment to protect this sites and gives advice who to conserve them.
They learn to their children how the nature is beautiful and they not have to damage. they have to transmis the got comportement in the generations future.
13)In yoour textbook there are photographs of Aboriginal paintings.What do you think of this art?
I think is not a beautiful painting for my opignion because is not esthetics and they are not apply to do this drawing. Their are simple shapes. This painting are not attractive.
14) After reading this text what more do you learn about the honey ants ? (20words)
The ants puts their honey one their bladder if they picked the ants bladder a delicious sweet liquid filled.
The honey recall the taste of honey ginseng and molasses.
If they wait few hours the ants continue to live and produced more sweet liquid.
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dm anglais urgent!!!
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